June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

do you ever come across some invention so perfectly suited for your every need it seems as though it were made specifically for you? enter pinterest. pinterest is an organizational website for those who find inspiration in far too many places (like us) and offers a way to categorize, share, and store these inspiring images in your own little collection of “pin boards.” i.e. virtual bulletin boards, genius.

our usual system goes something like this: grab images we like and drop on desk top until there are so many images stacked on top of each other it becomes impossible to find, let alone use any. then sort through each picture and decide which one of hundreds of folders categorized by topic it should be place in, these range anywhere from guest room decor inspiration to future restaurant ideas. this takes hours.

now when we see something we like we simply “pin it” which posts the image directly to the specified pin board and voila, it’s filed away until the next time it is needed.

you can see our boards here if you like.


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