{diy: instagram wall}

February 16, 2012 § 9 Comments

last week we posted this instagram wall and had some questions as to how we made it. so we put together a diy guide we hope you will find helpful and easy to understand.


  • instagram pictures (or any square sized images)
  • black foam core board
  • photo safe adhesive spray
  • permanent mounting tape (we used Scotch brand, double-sided squares)
  • pencil
  • tape Measure
  • ruler
  • level
  • painters tape
  • cutting implement, i.e. razor blade or Exacto knife
  • scissors

Step 1: Plan.

first, decide the dimensions you would like to work with. for the sake of understanding we’ll give you the numbers we used.  we went with fourteen by fourteen 3-inch squares. * hint: it helps to draw it out.

our measurements: (14 squares X 3” = 42”), with a ½ inch space in between each picture (13 spaces X .5” = 6.5”), for a total of  (42” + 6.5” = 48.5”).

Step 2: Measure.

measure, level, and tape off your work area with painters tape.

Step 3: Print pictures.

print pictures. there are infinite sites that will print instagram pictures for you; however, we found a quicker and more cost effective method.  we needed 196 photos (14 X 14), so we used photoshop to size two 3” square photos onto one picture and printed 98, 4 X 6 pictures at costco.

Step 4: Crop photos.

cut out each picture (make sure to keep each photo as close to 3” X 3” as possible).

Step 5: More measuring and cutting.

using a pencil, measure and mark 3” squares onto your foam core board and cut out using a razor blade.

Step 6: The sticky part.

adhere picture squares to foam core squares using photo safe adhesive.

Step 7: Assemble.

starting in the top left corner of your taped off square, (using the permanent mounting tape) stick the first picture, measure half an inch over, and stick another square. continue until you have all fourteen across, and then repeat the same system working downward, then across, then down until you have used all your squares.

Step 8: Admire your work.

now stand back and take an instagram pic of your instagram wall and tweet it for everyone to see.

*for the frame we picked up 1.5 ” pieces of wood from lowe’s, painted them black, and nailed them straight into the wall to form a frame around our insta-wall art. ta da.


{insta-wall art}

February 7, 2012 § 7 Comments

Every house has a wall that stands awkwardly empty, you know the one. ours happens to be in the living room.

we also have a certain obsession with iPhone photography, and since both of our instagram feeds are nearing crash capacity, we decided to try our hand at insta-wall art (which for the record, was not so instant but still every bit worth the work).

we love our new wall of square-picture goodness. and Cupcake pup apparently does too.

new year: new projects

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

this year the goal is to actually publish our projects instead of keeping the photos hostage on our Canon. too often we start with good intentions, and never get around to sharing our completed results with you.

to kick off 2012 we have a DIY wall art project you just might want to try.

to begin our story, we found the perfect size canvas at Ikea but weren’t too crazy about the recognizably Ikea print. so we picked an inspirational quote we wanted to read everyday and the rest…is below.

1. pick a print or canvas. using adhesive letters (we used BetterLetter 3″ helvetica vinyl letters from Michael’s), arrange your quote.

2. draw a level line on the print. spacing accordingly, stick your letters to the print.

3. tape off the frame or anything you don’t want painted, paint the entire piece.

4. we wanted our paint to be textured so we used several generous coats. if you want a smoother finish try using spray paint.

5. let paint dry for several hours. carefully peel off letters to reveal your awesome new piece of art. ta da!


  • painting or picture
  • painters tape
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • adhesive letters
  • paint or spray paint
  • paint brush

pillow talk

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

if we learned anything from these past few weeks it would be that one can never have too many pillows, or towels for that matter. pillows have a way of making the most simple bed look inviting and infinitely more cozy. so it’s a good thing we have a linen closet chock full of extra pillows (for some reason). i can pretty confidently say that every pillow in our house was in use at some point or another.

we have also decided we would like to grow our collection of throw pillows and floor cushions, beginning with these absolutely irresistible scrabble letters for the game room.

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