little purple place

August 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

hello friends. today we thought we would take you on a tour of a piece of our home. we can’t wait to share all our favorite things with you as we (slowly) finish decorating each room. behind door number one we have: her home office.

i find that a neat and organized area is much more conductive to creativity. when my environment is in order, it allows my mind to work more freely. so first i majorly decluttered, then i decorated!  i saw the cork board squares (above my desk) at staples and immediately envisioned them hung together to create an inspiration/ mood board, which i fully plan on changing up weekly. right now i like how it’s purple and playful and makes me smile.

this is my office. where i think, work, write, and dream. i hope you like my little space.

what keeps you calm and focused?


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