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January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

the most wonderful time of the year is wonderful for so many reasons. not the least of which are the ornaments, evergreens, gingerbread houses, and everything else that makes the house feel festive and full of love.

growing up my mom used to wrap our bannister in garland and lights, this year i couldn’t wait to wrap our first bannister in green garland too.

christmas decorations have the ability to make a room feel infinitely cozier. and so, it was a sad day when they had to come down last week. guess we’ll just have to break out the valentine’s day boxes.

living our love song

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

we had searched far and wide (well, within a 100 mile craigslist radius) for the perfect piano to complete our music/ game room. let me just say one thing about craigslist, pictures are deceiving.

for christmas i finally found just the fixer-upper we had been envisioning and they even offered to deliver. sold.

nothing a lot of scrubbing and a coat of our favorite grey paint (or two) couldn’t fix.


new year: new projects

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

this year the goal is to actually publish our projects instead of keeping the photos hostage on our Canon. too often we start with good intentions, and never get around to sharing our completed results with you.

to kick off 2012 we have a DIY wall art project you just might want to try.

to begin our story, we found the perfect size canvas at Ikea but weren’t too crazy about the recognizably Ikea print. so we picked an inspirational quote we wanted to read everyday and the rest…is below.

1. pick a print or canvas. using adhesive letters (we used BetterLetter 3″ helvetica vinyl letters from Michael’s), arrange your quote.

2. draw a level line on the print. spacing accordingly, stick your letters to the print.

3. tape off the frame or anything you don’t want painted, paint the entire piece.

4. we wanted our paint to be textured so we used several generous coats. if you want a smoother finish try using spray paint.

5. let paint dry for several hours. carefully peel off letters to reveal your awesome new piece of art. ta da!


  • painting or picture
  • painters tape
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • adhesive letters
  • paint or spray paint
  • paint brush

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