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do you ever come across some invention so perfectly suited for your every need it seems as though it were made specifically for you? enter pinterest. pinterest is an organizational website for those who find inspiration in far too many places (like us) and offers a way to categorize, share, and store these inspiring images in your own little collection of “pin boards.” i.e. virtual bulletin boards, genius.

our usual system goes something like this: grab images we like and drop on desk top until there are so many images stacked on top of each other it becomes impossible to find, let alone use any. then sort through each picture and decide which one of hundreds of folders categorized by topic it should be place in, these range anywhere from guest room decor inspiration to future restaurant ideas. this takes hours.

now when we see something we like we simply “pin it” which posts the image directly to the specified pin board and voila, it’s filed away until the next time it is needed.

you can see our boards here if you like.


make a point

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despite the fact that we are very pro-animal and have never actually killed anything for sport (unless fishing counts?), we do love a good pair of antlers. antlers add a very raw yet defining feel that seems to enhance any decor be it modern rustic or country chic.

this past weekend on a trip to visit my parents i couldn’t help but take a peek at the vast collection of all types of antlers my dad has stashed in the garage. we decided simply on the moose and maybe the elk pair, but really, i kind of want to use them in every room. but that would be overkill. {no pun intended}

for those of you still confused by the whole dead animal antler thing, here are some images that sparked our inspiration.

images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 678

favorite find

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for some inexplicable reason, we love vintage shutters. maybe it’s that chippy paint, or perhaps it’s the way all those symmetrical slats ever so gradually lean in the same direction. whatever the case may be we are almost always on the lookout for old shutters and  something subsequent to do with them.

well this weekend we hit the jackpot! an entire backyard piled high with every shape, size, height, color, and variation you can imagine of shutters brought to california from back east. um, yes please. despite the fact that i easily could have taken home dozens, boyfriend reminded me for the time being i only needed one for my project.

be on the lookout for some fantastic shutter picture boards available for you in the trumanity store as soon as we open for business, i.e. very soon.

After coming soon!

a step up

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there are times when we all could use a helping hand, or a step up if you will. it just so happens vintage ladders come in handy for more than simply climbing. they look positively perfect for propping up baskets and housing guest towels in unexpected places. next time you’re cleaning out the garage, rethink that rusty ladder in the junk pile…and if you still don’t want it, we do.

images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

tweet tweet

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trumanity is on twitter! eeeeexciting. come follow us here and we’ll follow you too! we love to make new friends and find more favorite blogs and sites to add to our ever-growing list. so come share (tweet) your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration with us  @byTrumanity. we’ll keep you smiling, we promise.

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