no water necessary

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

we love to garden. that being said, pretty much every flower we have ever bought and planted has died. so we decided to plant a succulent garden in the hope that these hardy little cacti will survive our not so green thumbs. not only are they easy to grow but they’re super cool looking too. we have our collection outside on a vintage potting bench but they would look good as a pop of green anywhere in the house as well.

prickly but pretty.

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branching out

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we try to streamline our home interior vision into a single theme and color palette but somewhere along the way our imagination takes over. this is when we realize we have half begun far too many projects and our house is literally taking off in multiple design directions. concept and cohesion, out the door. mayhem and disorder ensue. time to regroup, take inventory and refocus our efforts.

today, branching out happens to be a good thing. tree branches add such an unexpected natural element that says outside, yet works inside.

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oh my driftwood

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in our quest for wood(ed) happiness we have come across a few driftwood elements which have prompted us to dream of beach houses and sandy porches. for now we are happily living inland so the beach inspired decor will have to stay to a minimum. however, we have been tempted enough to incorporate the random effect of driftwood in a more suburban style. we are thinking of attempting either a headboard for the guest bedroom or possibly a fireplace mantel, we’ll see how far that actually goes.

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wood week

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

this may sound weird, i know. but we cannot get enough reclaimed wood in our lives (or into our home for that matter), so we thought it only proper to dedicate an entire week to the wonders of natural wood.

first and foremost, the dining table. one of the many things we love about our new home is the addition of an actual dining room, one which requires a formal dining table and allows for dinner parties with friends. we wanted a table that was somewhat refined yet still maintained a very farmhouse feel. having little luck finding exactly what we envisioned it was decided we would build one, {read: we would have one built} in precisely the style and finish we desired. so now the wait for its arrival begins.

tables we love but couldn’t seem to find. anywhere!

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shades of grey

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

despite the fact that it is the middle of may in southern california, the sun still refuses to shine. in fact these past few days have been down right soggy  but we love the rain so we are definitely not complaining. the more time we spend in the house, the faster it will get decorated.

we are currently liking the way shades of grey play off each other to create an almost storybook appeal. grey with the addition of stone and mossy green accents makes for a room reminiscent of the outdoors within the cozy of four walls.

we hope you think so too.

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daily dose of happy

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

thursdays make me undeniably giddy. the weekend is merely a single day away and the promise of two whole days spent with jesse makes my heart very happy. since moving in to our new home we have not stopped dreaming up fabulous design concepts to make this space more our own.

our idea to room ratio has officially surpassed the amount of rooms we actually have to decorate, but no matter, we continue to scour the web for more captivating creations and inspirational delights. lately raw wood is topping our like-list.

we hope these pretty pics make your eyes as happy as they make ours.

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happy thursday!

luck of the draw

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

today is brought to you by the number 13 in celebration of Friday the 13th and all other things that are lucky. we have found random numbers and letters to be intriguing design elements that add a little whimsy to any space they happen to inhabit.

lucky for us, we have a full arsenal of numeric inspiration. now that’s something you can count on.

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